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You, me & them

I wish you and me would feel the same
On the same pain
Do we need to change?
Yeah we cannot complain

You and me don't have to be shy
People still going to ask why
We have to leave them
Because at the end all we get is you and I

Forget the world we are insane
We are drunk
Nobody knows that they are popping
When the world is dropping

We are not dead
We feel blessed
Sleeping on our bed
We feel blessed
We don't believe in shoes and cars
We believe in shooting stars

We live the life that we never dream
We lie that we don't lie
Let's enjoy with our team
And let's get high above the sky

We are here to have a good time
To have a good day and night
This life is our prime
We believe that the future is bright and we are alright

Is life a dream with unlimited hours and minutes?
Life is a movie with a roller coaster
Life is clean, stop throwing dirt
Life is good, be sober

You and I were dancing in the rain
To forget all the pain
Didn't know what we gain
Just danced like we…

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